When Taika speaks, everyone gets a chance to shine.

In just one year, Taika has become Finland's most compelling phenomenon in artificial intelligence, art, and mental health. She speaks on all these topics with enthusiasm, expertise and encouragement.

Taika's Speaker Portfolio
🎙️CreativeMornings Helsinki: "Rise with Taika Jalohaikara"
🎙️ Mindscape Media, documentary: "Our Shared Secret"
🎙️Teknologia 23/SICK Oy: Press Conference and booth representation
🎙️Tivi/CGI: "Älykästä tekoa"-podcast 
🎙️ Helsinki City Library's digital team development day: "AI Now"
🎙️Epicenter Helsinki, AI Live: "Smart Art Live"
🎙️Johtavaa Sisältöä-Gaala: "Smart Artist Taika and the AI Art Exhibition"
🎙️Karhun ja Siilin podcast - viimeinen ihminen: "Taika Jalohaikara, Suomen ensimmäinen älytaiteilija"
🎙️Crazy Town Tampere: "Crazy Smart Art"
🎙️Crazy Town Jyväskylä: "The World of Smart Art"
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